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Retail Marketing: How to Get More Google My Business Reviews

September 3, 2019



Reviews are an important part of local search. According to Google, 2 out of 3 shoppers say having positive reviews was an important factor in selecting a business or store to purchase from. 


Which means two things: 

  1. More good reviews = higher ranking in local search 

  2. Higher ranking in local search = more foot traffic = more sales


This is why it's important to: 

  1. Gather reviews

  2. and respond to them. 


How to Get More Google Reviews


1. Ask for reviews at the right moment

According to Brightlocal, 70% of shoppers who have been asked to leave a review went on to do so.


It is generally good practice to ask shoppers to leave a review after they have made a purchase from your store. Also think of asking loyal and long-term shoppers who have not made a purchase in a while. 


How you ask for reviews is equally as important as when you ask for them - which brings us to the next point. 



2. Make it Easy 


Shoppers are unlikely to leave review if the process is difficult. The easier the review process is for your store, the more reviews you are likely to gather. 


Below are a few ways you can make it simple for your shoppers to leave a review. 




1) Create Review Cards 


Create physical "drop us a review" cards with your store's short URL. Place them near checkout and remind your employees to hand them out to shoppers after they make a purchase. You will want to go over best practices with your employees. 


It's best for employees to hand them out to shoppers who have had a pleasant experience at the store. For example, your staff should look out for the following situations: 


  • if an employee had a positive interaction with a shopper in-store

  • if a shopper was experiencing a problem and are grateful for your store's customer service.  


It is obviously a good idea to avoid handing them out to unpleasant or rude shoppers. 


You can also create a reward system within the store for your staff. Create incentives for your employees; reward the staff member who hands out the most review cards or generates the most reviews. 



2) Send a follow-up text or email   


Go mobile by sending shoppers a follow-up text or create an email campaign. Here are a few tips for what to include in your follow-up text or email: 

  • personalize the email or text : you can personalize the message by including the shopper's name. Not only do personalized messages make shoppers feel important, they are proven to have a higher open rate as well

  • keep it short : make sure your message is short, simple, and straight to the point. 

  • Include the short review URL : shoppers will not take the time out of their day to find your Google My Business account. Once you claim your short name on Google My Business, you will have access to a short URL that will directs shoppers to leave a review (shown below).


To get access to your short URL for reviews, you must first claim your short name. To find out more information about Google My Business short names and the steps you must take to claim your short name, click here



1. Sign in to Google My Business


2. Click "Home" on the left menu bar. 



3. You will see the "Get more reviews" box on the right side of the page - as shown below. Copy your short URL for reviews to share in your email or text message. 




 4) Add a Review Link on your Store's Website 


Include a review link or button on relevant pages of your store's website. This might be your contact page, thank-you page, or even a section on your homepage. 



5) Incentivize shoppers  


Offering shoppers a reward or incentive for leaving a review is a great way to gather more reviews. Effective incentives include a $15 gift card or store credit, loyalty points, store merchandise etc. 



6) Include a Review Link in your Email signature 


Adding a short and simple call to action in your email signature is another effective way to gather reviews. For example, "Your opinion is important to us! Drop us a review at [GMB short URL]." 


This strategy is especially important for retailers who regularly email their customers. 



Responding to Reviews


Once you've set up a process for gathering reviews, your focus needs to shift to responding to them effectively. 


Responding to reviews shows potential shoppers that you value good customer service. It also shows shoppers that their opinions will be heard and leaving a review is worth their time. 


This is why it is important to respond to all reviews - the good and the bad. In fact, 45% of customers state that they are more likely to visit a business if that business responded to negative reviews


For more information on how to respond to reviews, click here

We hope you found this article helpful!


Would you like to learn how to attract local shoppers on Google?


Good news - we are hosting a breakfast seminar exclusively for GTA store owners! We will be discussing how you can attract more local shoppers with POS technology among other important topics. To learn more about the event and to register, click here.


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